A new beginning

August 1, 2012

Imagine a place where you could create and learn, listen and be inspired, teach and also give. Imagine a place where you could also be discovered. The Arizona Consortium for the Arts believes in just this exact dream.  From a coffee shop where artists chit-chat over a cup, to a full cultural center.  A gallery university, its doors open to all, who will support the dreams of artists around the state and foster artistic education in young and old, those who know how to create and those who wish they could.


“The concept of artists sharing together and working side-by-side to collaborate and accomplish the development of creative works is incredible!” Endorses local artist and arts advocate Bill Manson. He is excited about a future that involves such a place, “creating a center that invokes the synergy Elena [Thornton, consortium CEO/Founder] has envisioned to stimulate all ages, cultures and communities is a huge undertaking but very insightful on her part.”


Current creators, including Mr. Manson, are on display through August 5th at the Arizona Historical Society Museum at Papago Park. With much thanks to the museum space these amazing local artists donated their work to create a permanent collection for the Consortium.  None of it would have been possible without the collaboration of museum director Kyle Mckoy, consortium advisor Anne Wallace, curator Ashley Smith and her wonderful team of interns.


Listen and learn to other artists of all genres and disciplines at the Consortium’s monthly open mic event.  Dog Eared Pages Books wonderfully hosts this show and tell open to all ages.  Artists show, writers tell, musicians sing and everyone listens and grows just by being around the magic of culture. It is like sparkling fairy dust that settles in a thin coat of beauty and tolerance and education.  Watch.


“I believe that the majority of people in all communities see the value of art in all forms,” states Nancy Troupe another local artist that supports the Consortium’s vision.  See, touch, taste, hear, and smell. The Consortium will delight all five senses because it pulls together artists in music, script, paint and thought.


Be inspired, be entertained take a night out and enjoy. Check the consortium’s calendar  and also, click here for Around Town upcoming events each month.


Teach.  Arizona Consortium for the Arts interest in education cannot be overstated.  Many of its local artists and contributors teach at local educational institutions and organizations.


Again the consortium’s vision is fulfilled by their muse that comes to life in The Blue Guitar magazine. Sprung from the inspiration and collaboration of the consortium, The Blue Guitar brings together writers, artists and poets to display, learn all in one beautiful place, as well as inspire our readers. Editor in Chief Rebecca Dyer, 2012 nominee for Arizona Citizens for the Arts Governor’s Arts Individual Art Award, believes in the healing power of hope, and has an unwavering sense of commitment and community. By featuring emerging and established Arizona artists and writers who submit their work, the magazine shows that in the desert there are countless sparkling stars.  The Blue Guitar wants to know what You have to say. Contribute.


“We know that an education which includes quality arts instruction and arts participation is one that sees results in creativity, innovation and problem-solving, persistence and entrepreneurship.” Nancy Thorpe sums up the reason The Arizona Consortium for the Arts must exist. It will, with your help, your knowledge, and your vision.

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Currently the Consortium finds itself looking for a new home.  Their current art exhibit will be on display until August 5th, after which Arizona’s Consortium for the Arts will exist only in the hearts and minds of those who observe the consortiums vision and those who believe in it.  It is the hope and dream to have their own creative and amazing space in the near future shown here beautifully rendered by local artist/designer Effie Bouras.


“The very act of observation is an act of creation.” John Wheeler, Physicist. Rejoice for you too can create.




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April 26, 2010

Arizona Consortium for the Arts events.

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October 3, 2009

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